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Where do SurvivorList products come from?

We source out products from a variety of sources, we always look to purchase as high up the supply chain as possible to bring you the absolute best prices. We buy direct from the British MOD and other national governments and organisations to bring you the best product and the most affordable pricing.

What if I don't like my Item?

That's fine, we understand that some of our products are 'Grade A - Issued / Unused' we do always try to police as best we can the quality of any products we send out however understand that sometimes things may not meet your standards. If this happens, please just return the item to us and we will refund the full product cost.

How Long Will My Goods Take to Arrive?

In general we look to dispatch items within 3 business days. At times due to busy periods this can be longer, however we will always try our best to keep you in the know so you know exactly when to expect your new purchases.

What if I want something that I can't find listed in the shop?

We deal with such a huge quantity of suppliers and products we cannot possibly list everything. If you do need something specific, or some items that we stock but in large quantities please don't hesitate to get in contact and allow us to negotiate you the best price we can do.

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