Going Acronym Crazy

One thing I both like and hate about Preparedness, and the Preparedness community is the use of Acronyms. They're a brilliant training aid for sure, and yes they will help you remember, but they do act as a sort of 'Jargon' that people can struggle to get into. There's ones which are Military specific, ones which are Prepper Specific, ones which are First Aid Specific. As a beginner, it can all be a little bit intimidating. A foreign language that's hard to break into.

Well, lets see if we can't help break a few of the big ones down for you. With the picture above, I guess it is an appropriate place to start.

BOB - Bug Out Bag / GHB - Get Home Bag

A BOB, or Bug Out Bag and similarly a GHB or Get Home Bag. Is a rucksack, Holdall, Backpack or other similar piece of load carrying equipment that you have setup to keep all of your easy to access emergency gear in. The contents varies depending on your plan, situation and location. Generally people aim to be able to survive out of the contents of their BOB or GHB for around 72 hours.

EDC - Every Day Carry

An EDC, or Every Day Carry is the tools, equipment and items that you keep with you on a daily basis. Often this will include more standard items like a phone, your wallet, a house key. Preppers often build on that base and add other items which could aid them in an emergenecy. This could include things like a Torch, Multi-Tool or Swiss Army Knife, a Lighter, Water Purification tablets etc.. In the US and some parts of Europe, a Sidearm may be included in a part of someones EDC.

IFAK / FAK - Individual First Aid Kit / First Aid Kit

An IFAK or Individual First Aid Kit is usually the smaller personal first aid kit you keep on your body when out walking or in the wilderness. It differs from a 'FAK' or First Aid Kit in that it is generally simpler, and designed to deal with a single person (the owner) and often more major injuries. A IFAK or FAK can contain other smaller kits such as a 'Blow Out Kit' (designed for gun show wounds or major injuries) or a 'Boo Boo Kit' (Plasters, tape, painkillers for minor injuries) but can be as simple as a couple of First Field Dressings.

SHTF - Poop Hits the Fan / TEOTWAWKI - The End of The World As We Know It

The SHTF/TEOTWAWKI are some Prepper names given to apocalyptic and end of the world type scenarios. Rather than point to a single scenarios many Preppers are trying to make themselves ready for a wide range of situations, using the acronyms allows a simple description for a wide range of scenarios.

WROL - Without Rule of Law

When we are talking about the above situations there are varying levels of SHTF / TEOTWAWKI scenarios and of course some we expect their to be some level of rule, law and governance, and in others you can expect their to be no, or limited rule, law and governance. When someone says the acronym WROL they generally are describing a scenario where the has been a complete collapse of government, police and other emergency services. Where individuals would be entirely on their own and would be unable to rely on any police or legal support for that situation.

GOOD - Get Out of Dodge / BO - Bug Out

There are many situations where in an emergency instead of staying at home and locking down (see Bugging In) you need to get away from your immediate area. Maybe that's something like a Flood, Forest Fire or Chemical Leak. There are many potential reasons why you'd need to get out and away from your residential (or even work) address.

BI - Bugging In Just like above, there are some situations where bugging out, or GOOD isn't going to be possible. Maybe there has been an economic collapse and you've nowhere else to go, or perhaps there is a war on and to leave would simply make you a refugee. Bugging In is often the best option for most people in an emergency. It's normally referred to when describing locking down your home, and making your home prepared for an Emergency situation.

DRABC - Danger, Response, Airways, Breathing, Circulation

DR ABC or sometimes 'DRS ABC' is a common Mnemonic for the priorities of first aid. Danger, Response, Airway, Breathing, Circulation. Some instructors teach the S after response which usually stands for 'Shout for Help'.

BOV - Bug Out Vehicle

A BOV or Bug Out Vehicle is the name given to a prepared vehicle which has been designated as the one which will be used for your escape or getaway should an emergency arise. Some people consider their BOV also a Bug Out Location (see BOL below). This can include Boats, Bicycles, Motorbikes, Cars, Vans, Lorries, Planes etc.. Dependant on the amount you want to spend this could be something as simple as a bicycle with front basket or as extreme as an armoured vehicle, yacht or Campervan.

BOL - Bug Out Location

The Final one, a BOL of Bug Out Location. This is the name for your home away from home. The place where you and your family plan to head to should the situation get so bad that you can't possibly stay at home. Maybe this is a family members house, a second property, a designated place in the woods or a boat on the water. Exactly what it is isn't important, its your safe haven if you need to leave home.

That's all for today as far as Acronyms and Mnemonics. I hope some of these descriptions will have helped you all to understand and feel a little bit more confident delving into those Prepper books and blogs.

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