Isn't it all a bit 'Fragile'?

So this is a bit of 'Preparedness Theory' for those of you just starting out, whether that's Coronavirus (COVID-19) driven newbies or people who have just had a step back and thought "Wow, isn't this all a bit fragile?" and the answer, well the answer is yes. it is.

I think the apparent fragility of this whole system is the biggest thing that has come out of this recent pandemic. It's not that oh viruses are bad, or that people really can't be trusted to follow basic guidance when the sun comes out. No. It's that this whole big, comfortable system we live in is awfully fragile; and as you have seen, that first little blip in the road, you see that crack starts to spread and spiderweb.

The system has just revealed its big flaw. It's all a show.

We can all go on believing its okay, for as long as the government and the rest of the people make it look that way. As long as the mirror in front of us still stands up and reflects back a happy smiling picture we're happy. But what about now, what about now that the mirror has cracks in it. That smiling face isn't grinning back at us, we just see cracks and flaws. Something broken.

How long does society hold up when the illusion of normality finally drops?

I'm not sure about the rest of you, but through this crisis so far I've seen some great things, some real signs of community, whether that the Clap for Carers, Captain Tom Moore (Now Colonel), or others going above and beyond for their neighbors and friends.

But I've seen an equal share of theft, burglary and fights. Whilst normal people have receded away into their homes, criminal elements have become all the more confident. Almost nightly cars on my street have been broken into. I've seen arguments over queues, distancing and lack of food and water. I've seen shoplifting and shouting over tins of beans and toilet paper.

I've seen enough to know that we can't trust our safety (whether that literal or food safety / security) on others. We can't wait until the last minute and hope it'll be there. We can't rely on people to do the right thing when the bad times come. We need to be able to look after ourselves, and the only way to do that without being the selfish git in the supermarket fighting his neighbours for beans, is to do this well in advanced.

Start preparing now, start putting a little bit extra of what you need aside. Start thinking about "What If?" before you start wondering "Where's my next food coming from?"

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