First, Start With The Little Things.

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

I think it is very easy for people to forget that Preparedness is a Spectrum. It isn't you are or you aren't. It isn't a choice between tin-foil hats or car insurance. It is a broad selection of different ideas. It means many things to many people, and yes. Whilst some will look in from the outside and see lunacy, hoarders or the paranoid. We too can look out sometimes and think that others are naive. We don't need to see each other as such polar opposites, because when you get right down too it. We're not.

We just have different definitions of what prepared is. Is the man with car insurance a prepper? What about Home Insurance? I mean what are the odds really that your house will burn down? Is it all worth bothering with?

When you look at it from a more stepped-back approach its much easier to see that preparedness doesn't have to be about stock-piling tin cans in your garage or going out and living in the forest every weekend.

Preparedness can just as well be about making sensible life choices, making sure you have the right financial protections in place to continue living normally even if something surprising happens like a car accident, or a house fire.

I think a lot of people get bogged down in the excitement of Hollywood Apocalypse scenarios without really getting into the bread and butter of 'Preparedness'. Ask yourself: "if you hurt yourself at home, do you have the equipment to save your life?" "What about if you crashed your car, could you get yourself out and treat your injuries?", "If the power goes out, do you have a way to cook your dinner, and light up your house?", "if your car breaks down somewhere out on the road and you can't get recovered, do you have everything with you that you need to stay the night?"

You'd be amazed at what larger emergencies you can cope with once you've covered the everyday basics like that. I know they're not as exciting situations to prepare for like a flood, Pandemic or economic collapse, but when you start to cover those simple bases you'll find that you will be a lot better prepared for something bigger.

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