18" Crowbar

18" Crowbar


The Crowbar is a super versatile tool, it will break, pry, pull, chisel or lever. It can get you into almost any space, separate wood, remove nails, dismantle walls or structures. The 18" length is great for fitting in a backpack incase of an emergency, an ideal versatile Urban Survival Tool. Gives you leverage using a claw hammer or set of grips.


Condition: New (Unused)


Tried and Tested:

I run a log burner at home which regularly eats pallet wood. This thing saves my back and blisters! Practical size, easy to separate out pallet wood and pull out the nails before burning. I've used it to help a neighbour into their house after their door dropped on its hinges, i've used it to lift up a drain after someone lost their keys. Super practical thing to have around. At this size fits easy in a larger backpack or easily in the back of the car.

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