21" Bow Saw

21" Bow Saw


This 21" Hard Point Bow Saw is perfect for outdoor cutting, gardening and campcraft. The 21 inch blade makes it perfectly handy for stashing in a backpack or going out with it over your shoulder. Great for cutting dead-fall or trimming logs into more manageable sizes for the fire. Much faster than the folding saws and easier to use.


Easy quick-change blade system for swapping blades out after they're worn. Great multi-use saw.


Condition: New (Unused)


Tried and Tested:

I love carrying one of these saws out when I'm going out onto the permission. So much easier and faster to use than a folding saw, perfect for working on a more permanent shelter or encampment. Gets through arm thick logs in a matter of seconds instead of minutes of faff and blisters with a folding or wire-saw.

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