Boot Brush Kit

Boot Brush Kit


There is literally nothing more important than maintaining your kit. It doesn't matter if you have all the most expensive gear in the world, if it leaks because it isn't treated right. Do right by your boots and keep them in tip-top order with a bit of proper boot polish.


This is a German Army Issue boot kit. Comes with 3 different size brushes for (On/Off and Finishing). All you need to supply is the Polish.


  • Contains 3 brushes in a handy storage bag.
  • Just Add Polish.


Condition: Grade A (Issued / Unused)


Tried and Tested:

What can I say about boot brushes? Wood, Bristles. Does the job. The bag is of a nice canvas design, just saves me getting polish on everything after I've put them away. Generally doesn't come out in the field with me, but always kept handy for the Pre and Post trip clean down.

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