British Army Basha

British Army Basha


British Army Issue (Grade A), Disruptive Pattern Material Basha Tarpaulin Shelter. These are standard issue kit to all military fighting units. These are super versatile, can be turned into various different styles of shelter, a stretcher, camouflage, water catchment etc..


  • A great size at 8ft by 7ft (2.44M x 2.13M)
  • Lightweight and compact shelter for upto 2 people. (Dependant on setup)
  • Brass Eyelets for use with Bungees and Paracord to suspend it.
  • Reinforced Loops and Handles on the centre line and each corner.
  • Silicone coated centre join for additional waterproofing.


Condition: Grade A (Unissued / Unused or in great condition)


Tried and Tested:

I spent the better part of five years in the cadet forces much of it camped out under one of these identical basha's. This is a truly versatile lightweight shelter. No Poles or No pegs necessary. The shelter can be suspended from bungees and Paracord alone, or rough shape some twigs into pegs and make a Lean-to shelter.


The whole Basha folds up small enough to fit into a water bottle pouch and weighs in at less than a kilo, even after you've added some bungees and lightweight pegs. The ultimate Bug-Out-Bag shelter or easy to carry car kit. I honestly can't recommend one of these Basha's enough.

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