British Army Thermal Fleece

British Army Thermal Fleece


MOD approved, thick Thermal Fleece in dark green. Used and approved by the British Army, Royal Marines Commandos and RAF Regiment. Seriously sturdy make-up, thick and robust construction make this dark green thermal fleece a top performer.


Skip the top brand price tag and enjoy an excellent 4 season fleece. Suitable for Chilly spring mornings, cool summer nights, crisp autumn afternoons and windy winter days out. Works great both as a mid-layer in combination with other jackets or as a stand-alone everyday fleece.


Fits well into the British countryside and doesn't scream 'ARMY' like a camouflage jacket does. Blend in regardless of the environment with this great Grey-man buy.


Condition - Grade A (Issued / Unused or in Great Condition)


Tried and Tested:

This is a more recent item for me. I've taken it out over the last couple of months with me walking, fishing and shooting. It's stood up well to everything thats been thrown at it. Even kept me well warm enough through a few unexpected showers when wet and windy. Works great in every situation I've thrown at it yet.


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