British Army Water Bottle

British Army Water Bottle


Rock Solid, 1 Litre British Army Issue Water Bottle. This is known as the 58 Pattern Water Bottle, due to its introduction in 1958. What's more surprising is that this is still the current issue water bottle given to troops. After more than 62 years of service and there still isn't anything better out there. These are incredibly hardy, immune to your everyday knocks, drops and bangs and come with a fitted plastic drinking cup that fits over the top of the bottle.


I love these bottles for their overall shape and style, they fit perfectly into a rucksack side pouch and take up such a small amount of space for the volume of water that they carry.


  • Super robust polymer construction.
  • Comes with fitted Drinking Cup with fold out handles.
  • 1 Litre Capacity.


Condition: Grade A (Unissued / Unused or in great condition)


Tried and Tested:

This is very much my everyday water bottle. It gets dragged out for camping trips, walks across the moors, picnics and days at the beach. It's so versatile you can use it in literally every situation. I've dropped it more times in its long life than I can count and it still doesn't have more than a scratch on it. They fit snugly in the webbing pouches with enough space around to squeeze in a pair of gloves or extra foil blanket. Really the worlds best water bottle for me. No reason not to have a pair in your cupboard to drag out on whatever adventure you might fancy.


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