Chicken Pasta - UN Rations

Chicken Pasta - UN Rations


These are genuine United Nations Rations. Expiry November 2020 so still have a good date on them. Available at a mega cheap price of £3 a piece. Easily £1.50 cheaper than the Wayfairer equivilent. Perfect for a bug-out-bag or just as an extra high calorie food prep to keep in the back of the cupboard.


Edible hot or cold, these Mylar sealed UN Rations are just as suited for back garden camping with the kids as they are for stashed in a bag in the back of the car incase of a winter breakdown.


  • High Calorific Content.
  • Edible Hot or Cold.
  • Tasty!
  • Lightweight at just 360g per meal.
  • Expiry November 2020.


Tried and Tested;

I've spent a fair bit of time munching on Wayfairer meals, British Army Rations, Freeze Dried Foods etc.. These are up there with the best on the scale of edibility. Certainly more pleasant than a packet of biscuit browns, and none of the uncomfortable situations after too. Great budget food prep.

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