Collapsible Lantern

Collapsible Lantern


This is a Dekton Pro Light XA300 Lantern. Great budget option for a collapsible camp lanter, takes up minimal pack space but still great light output for sitting around the tents in the evening. Runs on 3x AA Batteries (use your own rechargeables if you can!) and lasts up to 5 Hours continuously. Magnetic base for placing on the car or use elsewhere.


Condition: New (Unused)


Tried and Tested:

Mine hasn't seen hard field use yet, but It's been doing a great job on garage duty. Light is bright enough for illuminating everything with the door down. Its IP43 Water Resistant (Not Waterproof!) and is a great budget option for getting you started, ideal for family camping or use during a blackout with super common AA Batteries.

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