Crinx Conforming Bandage

Crinx Conforming Bandage


Crinx, 100% Cotton Conforming Bandages. These are your typical First Aid Bandage for every-day emergencies. They come in three sizes which makes them practical for any size kit, and any size emergency.


  • Folded edges to prevent fraying.
  • Multiple sizes available.
  • Sealed and Sterile.
  • 100% Cotton, highly absorbant.


Condition: New / Unused.


Tried and Tested:

100% Cotton, standard First Aid Kit bandage. I've used hundreds over the years, at work and at play as I'm sure most people have. Super versatile, practical with a range of sizes and handy to keep loose in the car or in a jacket pocket where a full first aid kit might not be necessary.


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