Cyalume Chem-Light Glow Stick

Cyalume Chem-Light Glow Stick


These are genuine 'CYALUME' 6 Inch Chemical Lights (Glow Sticks to us Civvies) these are heavy duty, 8 Hour military issue models not the type you'd find being lobbed around your local disco. These identical models are used the world over by Army and Special Forces. Around 8 hours of use from each glow stick, tough plastic casing to prevent splitting, individually sealed with colour indicator.


A great way to light up the camp or home in a power outtage. Just as effective for signalling or path marking. Great allrounder. 


  • Genuine Military 'CYALUME' manufactured ChemLight. Not a cheap Chinese knock-off.
  • 8 Hours of solid use / Light.
  • Easy to store. Keep them in the car, a jacket pocket, first aid kit etc..


Condition: New / Unused.



30 Min High Intensity - New model in stock, double brightness for half an hour then steady regular glow-stick light for 4-5 Hours.

8 Hours - Normal 8 hour Military glowstick.


Tried and Tested:

If you haven't spent half of your youth running around school discos playing with glowsticks then have you truly lived? It was certainly too awkard to dance. These are heavy duty military Glow Sticks. Last in excess of 8 hours and I have them scattered just about anywhere I might be in the dark. 3 in the side pocket of the car, 2 in the shooting bag, 2 in the first aid kit, maybe 6 in the bug-out-bag. Mega practical for just about every application. 

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