Dutch Water Bottle

Dutch Water Bottle


This is a Dutch Army issue water bottle, almost identical to the current issue US GI just a bigger size. Holds 1 Litre of fresh, clean water (or muddy stuff if you fancy it). Black in colour, super robust polymer construction. Slightly taller and slimmer than the UK bottles so can be better suited for rucksack side-pocket duty if your pack is a little on the thinner side.


A great all round bottle, at home in the gym, on the peaks or buried in the bottom of a bug-out-bag.


  • Robust Polymer / Plastic food safe design.
  • 1 Litre capacity.
  • Slimmer and Taller than the UK Issue water bottle.


Condition: New, Unissued.


Tried and Tested:

I've not spent the same amount of time using the Dutch stuff as I have the British issue bottle but from the few times when I've grabbed one out of the cupboard it's always done the trick without a hitch. Feels solid and does fit into smaller more discrete bags than I have to use with my British army bottle just due to the size and shape. If all else fails, its kind of like an XL Hip flask.

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