Elasticated Bandage

Elasticated Bandage


These are excellent Swedish Army Elasticated Bandages. Excellent for applying 'Just The Right Amount of Pressure'. And at this price point you'd be mad not to keep a few in any bag or vehicle kit. 12cm x 250cm long, this is a seriously heavy duty bandage. Perfect for serious Arm, Leg and Torso wounds. A serious addition to any First Aid Kit. Steer away from sticky plasters, this bandage really can save your life.


  • Great 12cm by 250cm Size.
  • New sealed condition.
  • Elasticated for correct pressure application and good fitment.


Condition: New / Unused.


Tried and Tested:

One of these bandages lives full-time in my shooting range bag and Bug-Out-Bag. They are a great addition to any first aid kit. I've cracked one open for demonstration and training purposes and they're a really great size for Arm and Leg wounds. The elastication lets you wind it on really tight without having to worry about anyone's arm or leg dropping off from blood-loss.

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