Fire Dragon Gel Fuel

Fire Dragon Gel Fuel


This is a 6 pack of 27g Gel Fire Dragon Fuel. This is the ultimate Fire Starter. Cook directly on the long burning gel or use it as a base to get a good camp fire going. Perfect for use in Hexi-Stoves, Mess Burners, Camping Stoves or BBQs. Environmentally friendly with an Ethanol base and safe to cook and eat from.


Burns infinitely cleaner than Hexamine so no nasty blackened mess tins post cook.


  • Clean Burn, Eco-Friendly Fuel.
  • 6x 27g Sachets.
  • Compact and Lightweight Fire Starter, no matter the weather.


Condition: New / Unused.


Tried and Tested:

I replaced Hexi (Hexamine) with the Fire Dragon Gel long ago. It is infinitely superior, cleaner, friendlier, no foul smell, no black smoke, instant heat and fire. You can light it with a striker, Match or lighter with absolute ease. If you're not sure about it then have a look on youtube, really a super reliable fire starting method.

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