Fire Steel Kit

Fire Steel Kit


This is a full Fire Starter Kit. Great way to get yourself confident using a Ferro rod and fantastic way to make sure you can get a fire started reliably in the field at minimal cost and effort.


The Kit Contains:

  • Ferro-Rod and Stryker (Sparker)
  • 2x Sealed Hexi Fuel Blocks
  • 2x Sealed Cotton Wool Balls
  • Water Repellent 9cm x 6cm WebTex Tin.


Condition: New (Unused)


Tried and Tested:

The first time you try to light a fire without modern kit, no matches or lighter can be really intimidating. Let alone if you're needing to do it in an emergency. This Steel of Fire kit takes all that fear away. With the sealed cotton and Hexi you're guaranteed great tinder to get your fire going with. The cotton will light easy, then transfer the flame straight onto the hexi block to get those burning bright. This is as close to a guaranteed fire as you can get. Not only that but it's all sealed up in a compact, water repellent tin so even if you take a soaking you can get your fire lit. Great kit, brilliant tool for getting people introduced to alternative fire lighting methods.

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