Fire Striker (Ferro-Rod)

Fire Striker (Ferro-Rod)

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This is a super compact Fire Striker (Ferro Rod). It splits down into three parts protecting the rod from water and external damage. When in use the ferro part can be attached to the handle to give you a better surface to grip onto. Creates big, bright sparks and is super easy to strike and use yet slim enough to tuck away in a jacket pocket.



  • Three parts to protect the rod.
  • Internal storage to keep the rod dry and clean.
  • Bright, Large sparks, easy to get a fire going on dry tinder.


Condition: New (Unused)


Tried and Tested:

This is an awesome little Ferro Rod / Fire Striker. I've stuck one in each of my bags just to have incase of an emergency. They come in black or Orange (Random colours posted sorry as have a mixture of colours! and feel pretty sturdy. I've been using mine the last few days in the house during the rainy weather to light the log burner and it certainly does the trick. Big, bright shower of sparks, I was lighting it first on paper, cardboard and tissue and then getting kindling stuck on top. Worked very reliably in the house, hopefully when I've got a little more time I'll get it out into the field for a proper test!

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