First Field Dressing

First Field Dressing


This is a Yugoslavian Army Issue First Field Dressing (FFD) almost identical to the US and British old army issue FFD. Every soldier would have been required to keep one on them for any personal injury / gunshot wound. These are serious bits of kit, a single FFD can typically absorb more than two pints of blood before soaking through. They were considered so essential that soldiers would stitch them inside of their field jackets so that they would never be without one.


Make sure you've got one in your kit too.


  • Ex-Yugoslavian Army Field Dressing.
  • Highly Absorbant cotton and gauze.
  • Sealed and Sterilised.
  • Great value for this size bandage.


Condition: New / Unused.


Tried and Tested:

I am literally never without one of these bandages or another type of issue FFD. These go way above your standard first aid kit dressings. Major bleeds, Gunshot Wounds, Trauma and Amputation. This type of bandage is intended for one purpose, to save a life. At this price point I have them tucked up just about everywhere. You honestly never know when you'll come across a car accident or serious injury when out and about. I highly recommend keeping at least one in your kit as a minimum. 

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