Flexible Water Container

Flexible Water Container


These are Swiss Army / Civil Defence fold-up Water Containers. 20 Litre Capacity and folds up practically flat for storage. Great asset for camp water storage or to combine with a filter of your choice. Easy open rubber grommet style opening. Not as tough as the heavier duty camping containers but takes up a quarter of the space. Super practical and lightweight for bug-out-bag duty or just for lugging water around when camping.


  • Sports-bottle style water tap.
  • Super compact and Lightweight.
  • 20 Litre Capacity


Condition: New Unused.


Tried and Tested:

One of these water containers lives permanently in my camping stack and store. It's the ultimate for buy and forget water storage. Minimal cost, minimal space but exactly where you want it when you need it. The amount of times I've messed about with big awkward jerry cans or spent a weekend running up and down to the drinking water tap on the campsite before I started keeping one of these handy. Never again! Lives in the bottom of my pack and another permanently with my camping gear. Great asset for any individual or group.

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