Fold-Up Shovel

Fold-Up Shovel


This Army Entrenching Tool is very simply a fold-up / flat-pack shovel. It has a sharpened blade for digging, saw blade edge for removing roots or small branches and sharp shovel edge for cutting. Effective for digging and general camp-craft. Folds up small (24cm closed) and comes with a mesh case for easy storage.


Condition: New (Unused)

Tried and Tested;

I think every kid has had one of these in their youth and thoroughly enjoyed digging holes in the garden and upsetting their parents. No? Only me then.


Packs up small, comes with a bag to keep it tidy away in. Loads of uses around camp from digging latrines (toilets) to burying caches or rescuing a stuck car. I've kept one for years in the boot of the landrover and it makes an appearance most winters when cars get stuck on the edge of the road and need a bit of digging out. Cheap and versatile. Certainly worth having one around just in case!

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