Heavy Duty Canvas Kitbag

Heavy Duty Canvas Kitbag


This is a heavy duty, thick Canvas Kit Bag. These bags are built and designed to last a lifetime. Dragged, thrown, chucked in the boot of a truck. These bags can take it all. Whilst you lose some of the ease of access that you'd find on something like the deployment bag, you gain absolute robustness.


This bag is designed to last. It has a shoulder strap (attached with sturdy metal clip) or regular carry-handle. It closes with very simple eyelets and can help you move the rest of your kit around with relative ease and safety.


  • Simple failure-proof eyelets closure.
  • Robust canvas construction.
  • Around 1 Metre in length. Great practical size.


Condition: Grade A (Unissued / Unused or in great condition)


Tried and Tested:

We've used one of these bags to hold our Pigeon Decoys and Camouflage netting for setting up shooting hides for more than 5 years. It gets hauled out down the field, chucked in the mud and used just as often as a seat as it does for a bag. Lives permanently in the shed and regardless of mice or moth somehow still looks in as good nick as the day we bought it. (Plus or Minus some mud...)

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