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This is the Mil-Com Portable Hexi Cooker. Military Standard Issue grill. These are perfect to use in combination with a set of Army Mess tins. Folds up flat and takes up minimal pack space. Comes with 8 Fuel blocks (3 good water boils!) and is reusable again and again. (Buy Additional Blocks Separately).


Works come rain or shine, Hexi-Fuel is ultra reliable and burns even after being soaked through or submerged. Guaranteed heat and flame regardless of use or weather conditions. Great portable cooker. At this price, certainly worth keeping one in your pack or car-boot so you know you've always got a way to heat and cook!


Condition: New (Unused)


Tried and Tested:

Any former serviceman or Cadet knows about cooking on hexi. A few blocks will reliably boil a mess tin full of water. This 8 block pack will do at least three decent boils if not more if you're sensible. I've used these time and again when out and about. Never once had an issue lighting a fire or cooking over hexi. 100% Reliable cooking and heating method, no matter the weather.

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