Individual Protection Kit - Shelter Kit

Individual Protection Kit - Shelter Kit


The British Army / Nato Individual Protection Kit. Originally designed for soldiers to erect a reinforced shell-scrape and bomb shelter with, these are great kits to stick in a bug-out-bag or keep as an emergency bushcraft kit.


Comprises of:

Six Aluminium lightweight pegs.

9ft by 5ft Green Tarpaulin (Plain Tarp, No eyelets or hooks attached)

Tough White String

Instructions for constructing a shelter.


  • 3 Piece Kit in a sealed pack.
  • Nato / British Army Issue.
  • Lightweight complete shelter kit.


Condition: Grade A (Issued / Unused)


Tried and Tested:

This is my Go-To Bug Out Bag shelter for when I put kits together for other people. It contains literally everything you need, even some instructions. The army reckon when properly constructed and built per the instructions and with a suitable amount of earth on top that you could drive a landrover over a setup IPK shelter. (Please don't try this!)


But it gives you an idea of just how tough these were supposed to be. No longer issued so please do grab them whilst they're still available. An amazing beginner shelter kit.


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