Military Mess Tins

Military Mess Tins


Cooking Dinner, Boiling Water to drink, Sterilising a knife. All of things you will need to do out in the field, but nobody wants to fill their backpack up with a Wok, Frying Pan and Saucepan. Thats where these super simple military mess tins come in. Designed to fit perfectly in a rucksack side pouch or webbing water bottle pouch. These mess tins come in two sizes, one larger, one smaller so that they fit together for ease of storage. They are ideal for boil in the bag meals or miniature fry-ups. Plus how they fit together they leave a lovely void to keep your fire-lighting kit dry inside of, and somewhere to stash your brew kit whilst out in the field.


  • Compact design.
  • Two Mess tins included.
  • Lightweight (Aluminium) construction.


Condition: Grade A/B (Issued / Used but clean and fully serviceable)


Tried and Tested:

I don't know any item which is more at home in a backpack than the humble mess tin. Lightweight, easy to carry and even easier to use. I have a set in every Bug-Out-Bag and backpack I own. At the price, weight and size there is really no reason not to always have some effective method to heat water and cook on with you whenever you're out. You don't realise how reassuring it is just to be able to light up a hexi-block or gas stove and get some hot chocolate, tea or coffee down your neck when stuck out in whatever weather the planet has decided to throw at you. I've used mess-tins since sometime around my birth. Fishing, Camping, Walking, in the boot of the car. They've gone everywhere with me and still do. 

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