Trioxane Fuel Bars

Trioxane Fuel Bars


These are US Army Issue Trioxane Fuel Bars. These are a super reliable way of starting a fire or for cooking on directly. Work perfectly with a Hexi-Stove or Camp Stove for water and rations heating. Cardboard Box of 3 bars.


  • Reliable Fire starter.
  • Fuel to cook over directly.
  • Compact / Lightweight.
  • Approximately 9 fires per box when used as per the instructions.


Condition: New / Unused.


Tried and Tested:

Burn, baby burn. These light real easy with a match or lighter and have a great burn time for cooking. Compact size and weight make them ideal for a rucksack or take them out in their individual packaging in a day pack. Super easy to use and a great size for everyday camping and bushcraft use. Just as at home in a bug-out-bag or as they are for cooking up rations down the end of the garden with the kids.

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