Waterproof Matches

Waterproof Matches


These compact, self-contained Waterproof and Windproof matches are a great addition to any bug out bag or outdoor kit. Contains on average 20 matches coated in waterproof and windproof coating. Strike easily on the outside of the container, and kept in their own plastic, showerproof pot. Takes up minimal space for a guaranteed way to get your fire going. Great budget purchase.



  • Sealed in their own plastic pot.
  • Average 20 waterproof / windproof matches.
  • Comes with external match friction striker.


Condition: New (Unused)


Tried and Tested:

Great little match box. Keeps the water out in a downpour and keeps your waterproof and windproof matches in one place. They strike easy and burn for a decent amount of time before they encroach on burny finger territory. Great little budget buy, no reason not to keep one in every bag!

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