Yugoslavian Gas Mask + Filter

Yugoslavian Gas Mask + Filter


Fantastic Budget Gas Mask / Respirator. These area  Yugoslavian copy of the American made M9A1 masks as used in the USA by Explosive Ordinance Disposals technicians and Chemical inspectors right up until the 1990's.


These are an execptional mask at this price point, great fit on a range of head sizes and shapes due to its flexible rubber fitment, brand new sealed filters (2000-2006 age range) and come all wrapped up in their original packaging.


Really simple to get on in a hurry and as you can imagine very robust. These masks were originally designed as protection from a full range of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical threats.


As the masks are now technically aged out we do not recommend that they are used for NBC work although are all sealed in original packaging and in full working order.


  • Great Budget Mask.
  • Buy and Forget, keep stored safely away until needed.
  • Comes with new, sealed filter.
  • Compact size when not in use.
  • Fits a wide range of face and head sizes and shapes.


Condition: New


Tried and Tested:

Okay, I'll be honest. Its not been very well tested! But Tried is a must. I own one of these masks and have had a good play with donning it in a hurry and its honestly rapid. The masks are in literal new condition, clear vision through the eye pieces and rubber feels and smells like new. Hopefully I'll never need to rely on it in an emergency, but what a great thing to have at this price-point to keep handy.

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