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As well as a retail business SurvivorList operates a professional services wing operating under the brand 'Complete Preparedness'. The Complete Preparedness organisation exists to provide a dedicated advice and consultancy service to individuals, businesses and organisations.

Our staff are industry qualified (Institute of Occupational Health and Safety) professionals with experience in industries including Warehousing, Distribution, IT, Manufacturing, Retail and Security / Loss Prevention. We are in a unique position to provide you with support in the following areas:

  • Risk Management

  • Emergency Preparedness

  • Contingency Planning

  • Business Continuity

Due to our broad group experience, we are able to provide focused expert industry advice alongside more general preparedness support. Our staff have worked with internationally recognized brands and their suppliers to provide real world practical preparedness solutions.

Business Resilience Auditing:

As well as advice and planning support we are able to provide auditing services, evaluating your businesses preparedness and looking at how your company could react to a range of potential issues, identifying gaps or snags in your business continuity plans before they ever play out for real.

Our staff includes qualified Internal auditors who are familiar not only with business preparedness but also ISO Standards (9001, 14001, 22000 and 18001/45001).

Practical Scenarios / Real World Preparedness Evaluation:

Whilst our Business Resilience Auditing focuses on written procedure and planning, our Real World Preparedness Evaluation (RWPE) is quite the opposite. An RWPE consists of practical simulations designed to test your staff and systems to their absolute limit. In the past we have worked closely with local emergency services, Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) and business managers to build realistic emergency scenarios at the workplace.

Just an example of some systems we can test:

  • Lone Worker Systems

  • Fire and Evacuation Procedures

  • Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Procedures

  • Missing Persons At Site

  • Industrial Accident Handling

  • Mass Casualty Incidents

  • Conflict Management / Resolution

  • Security / Theft / Loss Prevention Incidents and Investigations

We are able to provide professional observers, crisis actors and scenario managers to control an RWPE from start to finish. Following any evaluation we will complete a detailed report covering a review of your businesses plan, performance against that plan and any advised areas of improvement. We are happy to deliver this information to your company Directors, Managers or advice directly to staff.

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