Bug Out Survival Kit

A blog and information resource discussing some of the best kit and equipment for keeping your Bug Out Bag ready.


Discussion of Survival, Bags, First Aid, Camping Equipment etc.. 

Survivalist Home

Another Resource / Blog giving excellent information around survival and outdoors techniques, training and equipment. Everything from Water Purification to fire starting and campcraft. 

Survival Gear Book

Great Resource and Review site for putting together your survival kit, bug out bag etc.. Covers all areas of preparedness gear, equipment and dabbles in techniques and theories too. Good all round read! 

United Kingdom Survival Network

The UKSN is a family friendly group of Outdoorsmen and Survivalists. Generally focussed on the more bushcraft side of Preparedness. They host events and meets up and down the UK. 

Paladin Survival and Preparedness

Paladin, similar to UKSN in that they act as a Survival and Preparedness community, more of an adult group looking at the practical aspects of emergency preparedness. Regular camps and meets up and down the UK. 

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